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The power of practicing mindful positive thinking

The other day I stumbled upon an article which was about personality development. I landed on this page by the way of ripple effect produced by clicking links after links on the world wide web.  Sadly, I don’t remember where I read it. Sorry!!!

However, the reason why I am referring it here is because, the writer mentioned one of the ways to improve your personality traits is, by the much debated approach ‘fake it till you make it’.

I was taken aback. Really!

It was written by one of the psychiatrists on a well known psychology blogs.

Although, I can’t recollect where I read it, here is one proof you may want to consider that is written in different perception on various aspects of ‘fake it till you make it’, which is backed by science.

Now assuming you would take my claim, my point of view to be right, here is what I want to tell you about positive thinking.

Like many of us who start our journey into a new year with resolutions, I kick started my day, 1 January 2018 with my resolution- to begin every single day with a positive attitude and grow as a person.

I know this resolution sounds vague, not at all in sink with what our mind mending gurus preach- what is grow here? How do you want to grow? Be specific with your goals… so on and so forth.

But I always like to do my own thing and don’t really care for the right and wrong of it.

The good news is, one month down and I have succeeded to keep it up so far. And I am going to continue doing it because I am seeing the results.

How positive?


  • waking up early in a good mood and not grump about it.
  • making small adjustments for the family- kids and the rest (you know my hubby) without sulking over it and still find time for things that I want to do.
  • not getting overwhelmed about the goals that I want to achieve; both long term and short term. Rather, I approached them in a different way, by breaking the goals into achievable bits which suit my calendar and priorities. Again not really disheartened over the pace of my growth. Climbing up one step at a time and growing happy with each stride.
  • maintaining a calendar. I have fixed same routine for all the days of the week in the first half of the day and totally different tasks during the next half of the day. This way the highest priority work is done every single day and the low priority ones keep changing every day but is repeated on weekly basis. This little tweak made it possible for me to grow my learning curve.

positive thinking

The results-

  • The goal was to wake up at 5:30 am without pushing too hard, now in the month of February I wake up at 5 am filled with zest to start my day by writing.
  • I am getting back the same kind of love that I am able to shower on the loved ones. There is a stronger bond that has developed between me and my son, soon to be a pre-teen, in a short span of time. There is a understandable node from my husband when I am in need of time or things, and there is an unimaginable bridge between our minds.
  • The productivity in my work is tremendous. I hoped to write at-least 1000 words a day but I am able to write 1500 to 2000 words a day consistently everyday. Yes, it might look a measly achievement for some of you but doesn’t matter. I like to be in my own timezone since I can already see significant progress showing up. No comparison.
  • My goal was to read at-least one book a month, and ta-da, I finished reading two in January.
  • I have achieved more success than ever before in what I am learning. The progress is more than I had expected. By the way, I am learning to improve my writing (grammar, composition, sentence structure, etc), spoken english, culinary skills (check out my Instagram) and painting (I am learning abstract form of painting now). I am also working on my next big project in writing- soon to be revealed!
  • Earlier I had a complaining and excusing attitude towards physical activity. But now I am able to exercise for three days and indulge in zumba for two days a week.

I am able to read, write, acquire new skills, expand my horizons, spend time with family, help out my kids, take time off for myself, as well as cultivate my hobbies, on a weekly basis.  It’s that amazing.

I resolved to think positive, I lived it and I can see positivity in my life.

It’s your mental makeup, your mindset that rules you and what comes of you.

So pretend to be, what you aspire to be and you'll be!

Watch Priyanka Chopra talking about her low self-esteem as a teenager and how she grew to be more confident by ‘faking it till she made it’.


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