Stop being a whiney baby instead become a problem solving pro

Of late I have started ignoring the whiney people around me. Now you might think I am an insensitive and overtly inconsiderate person.

Well, that doesn’t bother me.

Have you come across these particular kind of people who are habitually cribbing all the time. They neither have the guts to come out of their comfort zone nor the will to solve their problems. They are kind of struck in a phase of life and are unable to walk out of it.

Such kind of people are the ones who annoy me.

I can’t digest their stories. The same stories which I have heard umpteen times before. I don’t get it, why do they discuss the problems in the first place when they are not willing to accept solutions given and not consider the advices which they claim they are seeking.

All they like to believe is- there is no solution for their problem. They seem to have reached a dead-end when it comes to their problem solving skills.

No, I am not talking about fixing your software bugs or your project management skills. It’s the general problem solving skills I am talking about which each one of us have to get acquainted with if we want to lead a happy life.

We humans face ups-and-downs through out our lives and undergo emotional turmoil at times. I believe we all need a listening soul when we want to pour out our frustration into something that can absorb it readily.

And trust me when I say this- I can be that for you. I can be a crying shoulder for you. I have all the patience to hear you out. I have the benignity to help my friends.

However, I can’t become your host for you to suck my blood while you become the leech and get comfortable feeding on other’s kindness. I am sorry but I can’t allow anybody to cling on to me forever with the same old problem.

I can’t stand people who keep complaining and assume their family and friends are free for them to lend their ears over and over again.

Problem is no wine to get better as it ages. If not addressed at the earliest it only rots with time.

We all have problems, we do and I agree there is no life on this earth without problems.

But what kind of life will it be if you don’t find a way out and move on?

It’s your life and it’s only you who can take charge of it.

  1. Stop discussing the problem; talk about possible solutions.
  2. Be willing to move out of your comfort zone if that’s the only way to get out of misery.
  3. If it’s a relationship issue then talk to your dear ones, let them know how you feel about the whole thing. Come up with a solution that is in interest with everybody involved. Solving problem is important even if it means loosing a bit so that you can gain the heap.
  4. Shift your mindset and show your readiness to invest in your future rather than cribbing about identity crisis at present. Take up a course, build your portfolio, acquire new skills and sow before you reap!
  5. If it’s time constraint that is holding you back from doing something you love to do, then delegate things which do not need your cent percent attention.
  6. Last but not the least, if you really think you can’t do anything about a certain problem then learn to live with it, accept it, let it be, take it easy and move on. It could be a difficult person in your life whom you can’t change or a circumstance which is not in your control.

I can’t change everybody and everything but I can choose how people and situations affect me. And I choose positivity over negativity; I choose people who can act out of grief and find happiness.

I have better things to do other than allowing people to dump their life shit in mine.

Don’t be the one who envy somebody because they portray a perfect life to the world. They need not be fake as you think but they are the ones who strive to make their life perfect- by tackling the issues that come their way and not simply whine about them in front of you.

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