Life skills are the most important skills of all and one such valuable life skill is self-motivation. It comes from within and can be distinguished as intrinsic motivation that you do to fulfill your inner values or self-satisfaction as against the extrinsic motivation which comes as a result of a reward associated with it such as money, power, fame, etc.

Without self-motivation life becomes mechanical. It starts to stale even before it has begun to flourish. You tend to give up in difficult times and hence declare your defeat before its actual arrival without giving it your 100%.

What is self-motivation?

According to Dictionary motivation means,

initiative to undertake or continue a task or activity without another’s prodding or supervision.

However, a good explanation for self-motivation is,

Self motivation is a force that makes you do stuff. It’s a life skill, and if you care about your mental and physical well being at all, you should spend a little time thinking about how to keep up your self-motivation.


Importance of self-motivation

  1. Self motivation helps you to cope with failure better and rise again.
  2. It teaches you to face challenges with ease and with a positive attitude.
  3. Helps you boost your self-esteem since you’re always motivated to see failures as life lessons and try again.
  4. Self-motivation, unlike extrinsic motivation is free from incentives. It doesn’t need douceur to start and keep going on the path. Therefore, it is not biased, conditional or limiting.
  5. Self-driven people are more likely to engage themselves in constructive tasks, work towards improving skills and hence their capabilities all through their life making it point to stay lifelong learners which is essential for individual growth.
  6. It is long lasting and mostly depends on interest in the task or performance rather than the outcome or rewards associated with it and hence self-motivation sustains. It doesn’t change with the change in the patterns of incentives.

How to become self-motivated to accomplish your goals and desires?

  1. Recognize a cause that you care enough. It should help keep you self-motivated indefinitely and pushes you to give your best and pursue the best you can.
  2. Start slow and take one-step at a time so that you realize your dream is achievable. It should not so happen that you aim big to start and your goal becomes overwhelming to accomplish.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone. Start with one difficult task to initiate your journey which will boost your morale as well as take you one step closer to your dream.
  4. As they say- “Sometimes you win and sometime you learn”. So there is no question of failure. If you don’t win that means you’ll learn something from that. So let go of fear, what-so-ever.
  5. No matter what, learn to look at the positive side of any incident and towards the life as a whole. The more positive thoughts, the more motivation you get.
  6. Make everyday count. Do what is important to you. Whether it’s big like taking the decision to give up your job to start your own business or as small as to take a refreshing shower or soak yourself in bubble bath. Don’t just laze around or indulge in gossip with your neighbor. You have less time in your life than you think.
  7. Do things that makes you happy– walk, dance, enjoy music, cook, travel, help, be kind, exercise, indulge in hobbies, meet your friends who can help you thrive, take a break and enjoy time with family, nap and boost your energy, serve a meal that your family will love, read a novel you always wanted to, etc.
  8. Appreciate yourself, show some love to inner you, celebrate your strengths, accept your flaws, improve yourself, become a lifelong learner and reward yourself for little wins. All these acts will only add up to your confidence and helps build self-motivation.
  9. Make yourself a promise to see a latest and improved version of yourself every year on your birthday so that you can celebrate your growth.
  10. Pursue your goals both long term and short to the finish. Train your mind to keep striving till you make it and never give up.

In conclusion, self-motivation is the only way to success and achieve greatness in life.

Here is a motivational video for you. I so loved this below phrase from this video that I made me think can it be more simpler and more truer thing than this.

Not just this one, there are in-fact a lot of such quotes for me to pull out from this video.

People are rewarded in public for what they have practiced in private for years.


It’s amazing how self-motivation if seen as a lifestyle change can bring in noticeable impact on your personal growth and hence your growth in what you do.

Do you consider yourself as a self-motivated person? If yes, would you like to share your inputs to us. If no, what are you waiting for?

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