B for Betterment- Turning your desire for self-improvement into reality with the help of self-acceptance

This is part of AtoZChallenge series on theme Sanguine- Journey towards building inner positivity Yesterday I spoke to you about self-acceptance and today suddenly I am talking about self-betterment, it feels crazy right? It’s a mammoth confusion whether to accept or to improve? In allure of this, it’s often concluded that self-acceptance is to hinder improvement! And here […]

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Saving relationship in the era of infidelity


Is this the same person that I married years back? The classic question most of us ask ourselves time and again. Don’t you agree? And here’s another- My husband/wife no more loves or cares for me. Yeah, accept it, we all conclude on this one every now and then. Does it mean there is something […]

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What do modern Indian women want?

Indian women

Men have always wondered on this classic parody- ‘what women want‘, although it’s a different story that nobody really got an answer ever. Not that they really tried to either. But the right form of the same question is- do we women know the answer ourselves? As the women in India are growing stronger and […]

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