Everybody has a personal notion about what is greatness and hence there is no one definition or meaning for greatness. There is no one definition that fits all. Each of us like to agree or disagree with each other’s perspective on- what is greatness?

Some believe kindness is more important than achieving greatness while others say kindness itself is greatness.

For those of you who are practical thinkers, achieving your goals and living your aspirations by pushing your limits is greatness but most others say greatness is nothing but being true to yourself.

Why greatness has so many different meanings is a topic of debate in itself.

What is greatness?

In one of the articles on menprovement, Sean Russell has quoted 34 great people talking about greatness and here is whatAdam Bournstein (Fitness/Nutrition Writer) had to say about greatness-

 Greatness is planning out a life where everything you do is geared towards the ideal version of what you want, and making you happy. I honestly believe so deeply that greatness, whether its in the self or what you achieve, is all about being happy. So that means, if you’re not doing something that is gearing you towards being happy, you’re probably not going to live a good life.



How can you achieve greatness?

  1. Dedication- People who have achieved greatness in life are dedicated kinds. For them, achieving their goal and living their passion is important even if it meant breaking barriers, violating rules, giving up temptations that can deviate them from their goal, striving hard in difficulties and looking past impossibilities.  So if you desire to see yourself live your dream then understand that dedication has no replacement.
  2. Goal- Greatness is such a vast and undefinable thing that without identifying your true goal you are going nowhere. The real goals are the ones for which you’re ready to work hard, may be all your life. It is impossible to achieve greatness if you’re not passionate enough to strive. So begin by redefining and identifying your goals.
  3. Blueprint- Come up with a plan on how you will start and succeed. It needs to be a concrete and realistic plan based on facts which should also include the possible hurdles that you may have to cross during the course of your plan execution.
  4. Breakup- Your plan should include a time breakup for every milestone that will lead you to your goal. Without deadlines it might become difficult for you to stay motivated. You might also get an illusion that your actual goal is way too far for you to start worrying right now. When you break up your plan into smaller milestones and stipulate time to achieve the same, you’ll realize how little time you really have to achieve success.
  5. Action- Ideas without putting them into action is nothing but a daydream. Keep yourself motivated and act as per your plan even if it means taking baby steps. Slowly and steadily things will start falling in place. Just daydreaming will put your real life on hold without progress. Therefore, have an action plan and then act-on as per your plan.
  6. Patience- You won’t become a star over night and so expecting something magical to happen will only garner frustration, disappointment and hence will give way for failure. Be realistic and realize the fact that everything will take time to fall in place and only your everyday perspiration will decide how fast and easily that will happen.
  7. Relearn- Learn and relearn from your past mistakes. Additionally, learn from others who have made-it despite making their own share of blunders but never have given up. To err is human and you’re no different unless you decide to give up and become an alien to your own chosen path.
  8. Biographies- Study the life story and struggle of great personalities. Take cues from their learnings and get motivated from their perseverance even in adversities.
  9. Do’s- Think about the brighter side of your aspiration. Nurture your inner strengths. Value what is going on right. Remember why you started it when you feel the urge to give up.
  10. Don’ts- Don’t compare with others. Pay no heed to negativity. Let the phase of despair pass away and refrain from reacting. Stop getting emotional at the time of adversities, it will hinder your positive thoughts. Stay away from overthinking about your failures.


  1. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter was rejected 12 times and then she made it.
  2. Walt Disney was fired from the newspaper agency and his first film company was shut down, he was told Mickey mouse was a terrible idea and then he opened Walt Disney company.
  3. Oprah Winfrey had abusive childhood, was fired from her job as TV reporter, faced racialism and now she is one of the most influential personalities ever.
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger served in the Austrian army in 1965, since he had to complete the mandatory one year service required at the time for all 18 year old Austrian men. He had to sneak out at the time to compete in body building competition. He won first place in the Jr. Mr. Europe the same year. Later, he went on to win Mr. Olympia 7 times straight and became a legend.

Myths associated with greatness

We do harbour quiet a few myths about greatness.

Here are a few of them- you need to do something big to be great, it has to be something which nobody else has ever done, it needs to be out of this world, you need to have fans and followers to become great, your greatness is valid only if you become famous, and so on.

However, the truth is, you just need to follow your passion and live to the fullest to achieve greatness.

It could be aiming to become an astronaut or being able feed the starving souls, you may want to become an intellectual marvel in this world or promote humanity. It could be spreading love on this planet, preaching equality of genders, aspiration to become a great mathematician, philosopher, artist or a cook.

It could start and end within yourself or your home. Conversely, it could become a change that you bring in this world.

The thing is it doesn’t matter ‘what it is’ as long as you ‘endeavor and achieve it’.

Greatness is nothing but achieving excellence in your chosen field.

Steve Jobs once said, that he asked himself the following question every morning: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” If the answer was “No,” he changed things.

Follow your heart and the greatness will follow you.

What is your aspiration in life? What steps are you taking on daily basis to get closer to your heart’s desire? Do let us know.

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