Dealing with disappointments and growing into a better person

Well each one of us have experienced disappointments in life. Some of us have more stories to tell about it while others have less to share.

But when I look back, I have dealt with disappointments all my life and still dealing with them time and again. No, I am not complaining, I am just saying.

However, in the last decade I have learnt to deal with heartbreaks (not the kind of love-affair though) and grow stronger with every such incident.

I have started seeing them as milestones for personal growth. Yes, when disappointments come from a person and not situation, it feels heart wrenching at first. Because, these come from people whom we love, respect and care. They are our friends, spouses, kids, close relatives or even parents.

We EXPECT certain things from them or EXPECT them to behave in a certain way. And when things don’t turn out the way we want them to, disappointments strike in our face.

Luckily, with every such instance that I encounter, I am getting closer to reality. I am able to reset my expectations from people around me and life in general.

Well, few say I am actually getting away from reality because what I talk is more of philosophy. Now that’s exactly the opposite of what I believe. That’s individual perspective and I can very well digest it.

However, for me, they’re coming as a piece of advice from the greatest teacher- Life.

I am able to understand life better after every such passing incident. I am better with understanding important people in my life. I know what works and what won’t. I don’t simply jump to conclusions and resist their actions when I know that’s going nowhere.

When I start expecting less from them and instead hope for something, I get less surprises and shocks to deal with.

I still do have wants from life and people but I am a lot better person in handling disappointments that come along with desires.

What I have understood is, disappointments only hurt us and the person causing them is not even aware of it. Even worst, sometimes they make us feel guilty about the whole thing rather than feeling sorry about the way they made us feel.

What can we do to save us from getting disappointed in the first place?

  • Put a break on your wants from the loved ones. Reduce your expectations and instead hope for things to happen in life. Because, hope is just thinking with positive glasses on but being ready to face uncertainties.
  • Stop re-living and over thinking the past because such incidents that caused disappointments reside in your past.
  • Learn from what has happened and grow out of your desires because life is always good at throwing surprises. Things might not turn out as per your wish, not all the time. Be ready for the worst.

Life is all about embracing disappointments so that you can learn to move ahead and grow into a better version of yourself.

I have a long way to go but I am glad I have already taken up the stairs for it and climbing up one step at a time.


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