Breaking the rules of blogging so that I can just write

Today I am doing a favor to myself. I have pledged to break all the rules. Rules regarding the blog. I have made up my mind-

  • not to stick to word count of the blog posts
  • not to think about topics which people want to read (I can see that- stop raising your eyebrows now!)
  • I just have to write and that was my primary intention of starting this blog. Therefore, I will WRITE.

Yes I failed big time in the beginning of the year with my blog resolution (of course resolutions are made to break, ya, I get it).

I failed even more terribly when I hoped I could make it to the finish and complete AtoZchallenge with everything that was going around after my sweet little daughter was born.

God, what was I thinking? Help me please!

But secretly I am happy I made an attempt because I learnt a great deal from it.

So, this time I am trying to see if the reverse psychology works better for me. Hence, the word #FAVOR for myself rather than a commitment to keep up with my posting. Just posting and no schedule that is.

You see I am breaking the rules here right. Yes, right.

Hopefully, I will start writing more often than not on my blog, with no rules to keep up and no stress to write for the eyeballs but for me.

I don’t know if this is another mistake I am adding to my book of mistakes but I choose to go with the flow and it feels so right at the moment to JUST WRITE.

Therefore, it’s not a mandate for me to do the needful anymore.

I might not include headings and subheads. I might forgo all the grammar rules (I know you’re better than me in English). Pointers, eye catching sh*t to get more views, and all the blah, blah of the blogging world.

I AM DONE with it all.

So see ya soon with my next post. Don’t know when that’s going to be.

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