Three things this post is about-

  1. A to Z Challenge April 2017 theme reveal (this is mostly about me).
  2. I want to DARE you to take up #DareSanguine challenge. More details on #DareSanguine later in this post (this is mostly about you).
  3. The rules below are not hard and fast. That’s the reason you see the word ‘choose’ since they are just options. You can also be a silent reader, anonymous watcher, or anything you wish as long as you do not spam and become a trouble maker.

A to Z Challenge is a big impedimenta for bloggers around the world, but fish, I only got to know about it a week ago.

What am I going to do now?

Should I participate or not, is a million dollar question that’s been lurking in my mind since then.

More so because it’s been almost a year that I have stopped writing and have resumed blogging only a few weeks back. Besides, I am still trying to absorb all that has happened in the blog world as well as social media while I was on internet sabbatical!

Additionally, the once upon a time (really a year’s gap makes you feel outdated) freelance blogger me is now trying to take a different career path (which I will only reveal when it feels right).

Therefore, I have already started working on something that I have long aspired and now here is this breaking news I found out on twitter- The A to Z Challenge.

Above all, I have registered the domain for my blog only in the last week of February and is barely a month old. That means I have so much to work on my new blog which is just born.

It feels like every tiny bit right now is just adding to my dismay. However, I will just let it pass gracefully. On the contrary, I have decided to face any challenges that hurdles my way and one of them is to accept A to Z challenge no matter what.

So what’s A to Z challenge?

It is nothing but a month long blogging- a post everyday for the month of April except on Sundays?

Big deal?

Is what I thought at first. But guess what, it is indeed a big deal.

Until last year churning out 3000 words a day was a child’s play for me but now even 1500 words is daunting. And keeping up with a post everyday is-

  • commitment
  • hard work
  • a missed dentist appointment (I really had to to fix 4 of my teeth)
  • a mixed summer vacation
  • time not spent with my two darlings (my 5 months old and 7 years old)
  • also the food cooked without a thought
  • cutting down my good night’s sleep
  • inviting more back and body ache
  • and it is so much more which I am unable to explain since there are always the other blah, blah going around.

But is it all that is in store for me? Obviously not.

Every coin has two sides and I want to flip the toss by choosing the positive side of it.

Heck, how can I miss on this huge opportunity? Hell! If I commit to this challenge then how will I keep up with my work that I recently started?

No idea! I guess something has to be given up. And I have decided to slow down my current work in progress to accept the A to Z blogging.

Advantages you ask, well-

  • definitely help me boost my confidence
  • hone my writing skills
  • improve my writing speed since I am back after a long break
  • I will learn to keep up my commitment once again
  • my writing muscles both physical muscles and brain muscles (if they exist that is :)) will get to do a lot of exercise
  • my new blog will get some traction
  • an opportunity to improve my self as well as my blog
  • it means more self discipline and self motivation
  • post everyday which I have always wanted to but could never do it
  • the biggest advantage of all- I will make new friends and
  • yes become famous (wink!).

That’s it for all blabbering from my side. Let’s come to the point.

The theme-

I have decided on the theme but have I got the ideas sequenced for the blog posts, no, not yet.

Unquestionably, I am pondering over my theme and trying to figure out topics for the posts. But it’s not a joke to arrange the titles and couple them with the alphabets especially when this is my first time with such an adventure.

But all thanks to Blog Chatter and Chandni for providing me the relevant links and guidance. I am slowly gearing up for the challenge.

So my theme for the #AtoZ challenge is- #Sanguine. Just #positivity and nothing else.

After all the brainstorming, I have settled down with the theme and will write anything and everything that will bring in positivity in me and to my readers.

I have few more days in hand before the challenge begins and I am sure I will be able to come up with a decent content plan for the challenge based upon my theme- Sanguine.

I will also write a few posts in advance and schedule them to avoid any unforeseen circumstances which may hinder my flow.

Why sanguine of all the themes?

  1. First- it’s for me to begin my new career with a bang and I want to see this world in a different light through the glasses of positiveness.
  2. Second- if I can encourage others to take up this challenge along with me and grow together on the way then why not.

So here’s the thing-

This is a DARE (or an opportunity as may want to call) just for you.

Take it if you have it or leave it if you don’t care for it. Here’s everything you want to know about the DARE SANGUINE.

  1. It is of course a month long challenge.
  2. Every day through out this A to Z challenge I will be posting one self-improvement tactic that is associated with the alphabet for that day.
  3. That means 26 alphabets and 26 words that will lead to 26 posts to a rejuvenated you. Except for Sundays.
  4. Although I have a good plan on how to do it, you are most welcome to give any suggestions on how we can to it better. I believe in collaboration so that we can learn and grow together.
  5. Bring in your friends so that you can do it with somebody who you are comfortable with.
  6. Although it’s a DARE and I am talking about doing something, I promise you, this will not take you much time to actually do it because it’s not like you did it for few minutes a day and you are good to go. Nope. This is something you need to inculcate in yourself for the rest of your life!

What are you supposed to do when you dare to take this DARE?

  1. Leave a comment (or tweet) here below saying “I am on the mission #DareSanguine” that’s it. You don’t have to say anything else unless you choose to. Remember announcing is sticking. It will only help you to keep up with commitment.
  2. Read the post everyday starting from 1st of April 2017 where you will find- motivation along with doable tips for the word associated with alphabet of the day.
  3. You can choose to leave tips and extra motivational words for all of us in the comments for added advantage.
  4. Join the twitter conversation on every Sunday where we will discuss more based on the week long posts. Add your views to the topics discussed here on this blog with tips, your experience, what did you do to achieve it, how do you feel, etc. (more on twitter conversation below).
  5. Be specific with your comments on the post of the day. Suggest actionable tips although you can add value with thought provoking words. Please do not spam with quotes and links.
  6. Choose to follow (@NagurMedha), like (Medha Nagur) and subscribe (through form in the side bar) to stay connected for updates on #DareSanguine.
  7. I might still update this post till 31st of March for any development that happens to #DareSanguine so please watch this space.

Mission #DareSanguine on Twitter

  1. Twitter conversation will be scheduled on Sundays during the month of April 2017- 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th.
  2. There is no time restriction and it’s an ongoing chat for the specified days so that we allow enough time for A to Z blog challenge participants.
  3. Anybody can participate in #DareSanguine challenge and you need not be a blogger or even on twitter (you can just leave a comment on the specific posts to participate in the discussion).
  4. Always use hashtag #DareSanguine and @NagurMedha so that I can find you.

That’s it guys. All I want to say is ‘Do take this dare and get connected with the true you’.

You need not be a participant from day 1 nor you need to participate in all the discussions but I highly recommend you do because I have carefully chosen the words (and hence topics associated with every alphabet) that effect human life inside out and believe all of them are of great importance.

Mind you- the posts I will share will be based on facts. They are a no preaching posts and are aimed at real understanding and evolving.

All the best to folks who are attempting to take part in A to Z blog challenge as well as #DareSanguine challenge.


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